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Welcome To Paw Run!

That’s right, there is now a place where you and your dog can play off-leash and enjoy a beautiful slice of nature in Washtenaw County approximately ten miles from downtown Ann Arbor. Paw Run is eighteen completely fenced acres, the majority of the property remains in a natural state with tall grasses that attract a variety of wildlife and songbirds. Paw Run offers nearly a mile of mowed trails, a mowed play-area with a pond and an agility yard (seasonal), a secure double-gated entry system, off-street parking, seating for humans and available water for humans and dogs. Plus more to come!


Paw Run is a private membership-based recreation area. Applicants’ dogs must pass a temperament test before they gain access to property. NO PITBULLS, CANE CORSOS OR OTHER FIGHTING BREEDS ARE ALLOWED. We want to ensure that all members and their dogs can enjoy their time at Paw Run so we only allow people with friendly dogs to join. We will refuse membership to any dogs that show unprovoked aggression towards other dogs or people. In addition, if any dogs show aggression after joining Paw Run they will be banned from using the property. Obedience training is not a requirement to join Paw Run but we do recommend a training class for all dogs.   Read More...

Dog Park News

 Paw Run would like to welcome our first K-9 combat veteran, Evi the shepherd.