Welcome to Paw Run, Ann Arbor's premiere off-leash dog park!

Membership Fees

Joining Paw Run is easy and it starts with contacting us to set up a temperament test. Please allow 48 hours for a response.

If your dog passes the temperament test, you fill out some paperwork (information page, rules and contract), give us a copy of your dog’s shot records, purchase a membership, and away you go!

Highlights & Rules about Paw Run Dog Park:

  • 18 acres of fenced in walking trails
  • Manmade dog pond for swimming
  • All dogs must pass a temperament test to join Click here to get your dog tested.
  • All dogs must have a current rabies vaccine or proof of titers
  • Human children must be accompanied by an adult


Registration (per dog) ——————————————– $20
Day Pass (first dog) ———————————————– $5*
(Additional dog) ———————————————- $2*

Month to Month Dues (first dog) ——————————-$30 per month
(additional dog) —————————— $10 per month

Four Month Dues (first dog) ———————————— $100
(additional dog) ———————————– $20

Year Dues (first dog) ——————————————— $250
(additional dog)——————————————— $60

Discount Four Month Dues ————————————- $70**
Discount Year Dues ———————————————- $180**

*Members can purchase day passes online here. Via PayPal.

The maximum number of unused day passes that you can have at any time is five. Members can also buy day passes or pay membership dues by using the lock box in the gatehouse.

**Discount Dues apply to human students, therapy and service dogs with prior approval of Paw Run (Carolyn or Robert).

About Paw Run Dog Park

Located ten miles from Ann Arbor in Washtenaw County, Paw Run is eighteen fenced acres of off-leash fun! Paw Run offers nearly a mile of mowed trails, a play-area with a pond, an agility yard, a secure double-gated entry system, seating for humans and available water for humans and dogs. It is located on private property so please contact us to join.

Park Hours
Paw Run Dog Park is open from: 7am till dusk. It is located on private property so if you are not yet a member, you must contact us before visiting to set up an appointment

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